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The $18M+ Grants Playbook for Black Businesses
Modernize your approach to Black business funding today

For each seat in a GSA cohort you purchase, we will buy a one-year chamber membership for your community! Some restrictions may apply.

The price is going up in:
Expand your impact. Galvanize your members. Diversify your revenue.

What has NOT winning grants cost you?

Dwindling membership recruitment budgets.
Money you spent on a grant writer who failed you?
Getting only a fraction of the funding you deserved?

Has it paid off?

You're overly reliant on membership fees, so you can't attract high-revenue corporate sponsorships.

The IRS is threatening an audit because your books are a mess, and you can't afford a CPA or bookkeeper.

You can't take a day off because you feel everything will fall apart the moment you do.

You struggle with turnover and low morale, which further feeds the negative spiral.

You can't educate your members, so they miss out on the funding they need to thrive.

You can't advocate for changes in your community because you lack specialized staff. 

But...what if your community didn't have to struggle?

Your members will learn how to find, attract, and win the funding they need to be successful.
Our playbook builds economic empowerment within the Black community. 

Sounds amazing, right? Too good to be true? Well, we have millions of dollars in receipts from community members like yourself using our playbook to do just that.

What's even better? It's created for beginners! It's focused on getting resources for Black communities (we're consistently the most under-funded). You and your members simply watch the videos, fill out the templated forms, come to weekly consulting sessions, and follow the instructions we provide you. 
Ask your accountant or bookkeeper about using Grant Slayer Academy as an opportunity to solicit tax-deductible contributions. It's an investment that pays for itself.

An average grant writer starts at $75K - and they still require you to do a lot of work with no guarantees.

Why listen to me?

I'm Shaun Glaze, your favorite Grant Slayer, a researcher, grant strategist, and Founder of Inclusive Data.

In 2020, we all saw the uprisings in defense of Black lives. We saw how funders were eager to reach Black people but were not knowledgeable about effectively connecting with Black communities. Very few funders were focused on helping Black communities learn how to get these HUGE opportunities for themselves.

Inclusive Data exists because we wanted to support the movement for Black liberation and build economic resilience in communities who have so frequently been underfunded and overlooked. 

Honestly, I just want people to have what they need to thrive.

Together with my team, we're pushing everything we know into as many Black communities as we can.

So, we made the ultimate funding playbook which combines the strategies we used to get $18M+ for Black communities and my 10+ years of grants experience. This playbook is what we call Grant Slayer Academy.

Funding rules have changed, and now tiny small businesses and new nonprofits are winning BIG!

These same businesses are now joining chambers of commerce, business accelerators, and other collaborative funding powerhouses. They're learning to leverage press and to build new relationships. Let's work together to support your members to take full advantage of these dollars so we can all thrive.

Preparation and strategy really pay off y'all...

Our playbook works, and we have the receipts to prove it. 

I created our signature class, Grant Slayer Academy, in 2021; here's what's happened:

• We surpassed the $18M mark

• Several nonprofits WITHOUT their 501c3 status have gotten $250K+ awards

• We've expanded our playbook to include donor strategy and sponsorships

• About a dozen teams have won their first grant - and now are hiring staff with that money

• Founders have STOPPED playing small and have started to create their own funding opportunities

• And we've managed to keep the classes over 90% Black, primarily growing through word-of-mouth

We helped win $1.5M for this client

We helped win $154K a year for 3 years for this Black business

Position your chamber to attract funders.
Everything your members need to get their first $500K in funding...AND MORE
Our best bundles:
• How to get funders to give you grant writers
• Fundraising, donors, and marketing
• "No-write and low-write grants"
• Collaborative mega-grants
• "I got my grant, now what"
• Leveraging grants to win more money

Prefer a human touch?
• Grant accountability buddies
• Twelve live group consulting sessions where we answer all your questions

Participating members will also get invites to exclusive networking events with funders.
These events take place quarterly. Our playbook will prepare your members for successful networking opportunities.
Don't just take our word for it
See what they say about us
"Guess what? I did what you said and...
1: We made it in two local newspapers, the front page, above the fold with a full picture! The newspaper articles have already connected us to possible employees and business leads. 
2: We received a grant of $7,500 and $65,000 neither of which we applied for.
3: We received a private invite for another grant that starts Jan 1st!"
Grant Slayer Academy Student - K. Patrice Williams
"Shaun doesn't even realize what an inspiration they are. They gave me the pieces in their course to rally the community and rally the government together!"
Grant Slayer Academy Student
"Just because of your guidance and how to do one-pagers...we really know what we're doing. We were able to get our apprenticeship program with the Dept of Labor; we are a provider for the State of Texas now!"
Grant Slayer Academy Student

It comes with twelve (12) live group consulting sessions with our team.

Here's what happens after your members get Grant Slayer Academy

Modernize your approach to Black business funding today

We've used this playbook to generate over $18M in grants for Black communities. Come and learn how. We've helped small businesses and nonprofits with and without their 501c3. It's time for your chamber to level up and start securing these grants.

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